Advisory Services

The construction industry is both complex and vast, with each project having its own unique challenges and requirements. Working with experienced and proactive construction professionals who understand the dynamic risks that project teams could face, can help mitigate the risks and ensure that the project is delivered efficiently and effectively.

Approved Inspectors provide an alternative to Local Authority Building Control and are authorised under the Building Act 1984 to carry out building control work in England and Wales. This means that Approved Inspectors can become involved if the works undertaken on any project are controllable under the Building Regulations.

Compliance with Building Regulations is only part of the process, as these Regulations are designed to ensure that minimum requirements are met, which doesn’t always necessarily allow for the design aspirations of clients and architects to be realised.

At The OM Group, we work with a team of highly qualified and experienced construction professionals, all of whom have been providing private Building Control services for several years. We are committed to ensuring that services are bespoke to each project and client – from developers to architects and end users, and that innovation plays a crucial role in developing safe buildings.

We work with Approved Inspectors covering all sectors of the construction industry – from commercial to residential, public sector to private developers and areas such as leisure and hospitality, education and healthcare. They all have one common goal – that by overseeing regulatory compliance, whilst providing robust project management and bespoke inspection regimes focusing on risk mitigation, they aim to help enhance the experience of the building’s end-users.

Feasibility Studies

Undertaking early feasibility studies for projects and reviewing existing site information, including previously compiled Health and Safety Files, can help to ensure that the client’s vision can be incorporated into the site.

Our expert construction specialists can undertake feasibility studies on behalf of the client or can assist in the review of initial designs and / or project requirements, including areas such as sustainability outcomes, quality aspirations and any special requirements that the project may have.

Asset Management Strategy

Developing an Asset Management Strategy is a crucial element for Clients and businesses that own multiple assets – particularly where these are located at some distance to those that are responsible for their management.

A Strategy provides a long-term, optimised approach to the management of the assets, which is driven by the strategic plan of the business, as well as taking into account external driving factors such as the economic climate; changes in legislation and other opportunities for the business or assets.

Our construction professionals are committed to ensuring that all aspects are considered and providing a practical, data-driven strategy that is consistent with the strategic plan for the business and the leadership team.

Development Planning

Ensuring that the right balance is achieved between project viability in the short term and the long term, as well as developing a strategic plan for the asset after development works are completed, can be a complex process.

Factors such as capital planning and cash flow need to be determined, as well as the relevant returns on investment for all parties. Other considerations include ensuring that the development, both during its construction and lifespan, is environmentally friendly; socially-optimised and suitable for the location in which it is being built. This can often require additional consents from the Local Authority and support in negotiations with neighbours and suppliers.

At The OM Group, we are committed to ensuring that all development works are planned in advance and the relevant schedules of consents, objectives and key deliverables are documented and shared with all relevant stakeholders at the right time.

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