Project Management

Construction project management involves coordinating and organising every stage of the project’s life cycle, from inception to completion. It is a comprehensive and collaborative process with the purpose of completing projects on time and within budget.

The role of the Project Manager is a necessary and often complicated role that requires handling several critical issues, such as cost control, scheduling, procurement, and risk assessment. Project managers work with all members of the construction team, from architects to Clients, from site managers to sub-contractors.

At The OM Group we understand that the successful management of construction projects requires knowledge of modern management and leadership styles, as well as a thorough understanding of the design and construction process.

We understand that it is important to understand the risk factors for each project and ensure that these are documented, shared and that the relevant actions are taken to control and mitigate the risk, in order to achieve a successful project outcome.

A competent and proactive Project Manager can add value throughout all stages of construction. From the development of the client brief; procuring, leading, and management of the whole project team; to identifying and managing the risks associated with the scheme, ownership of the progress, and administration of the project.

The OM Group works with a team of highly qualified Project Managers, with extensive knowledge and experience across all areas of construction and design. Each member of our Project Management team acts as a consistent point of contact for all project stakeholders; working to reduce project costs by leveraging their expertise of key trends in the market and ensuring that they do this with a thorough understanding of the Client’s requirements.

Value Engineering

Value engineering, which has been widely employed in the construction industry for many years, is a conscious and explicit set of disciplined procedures designed to seek out the best value for both initial and long-term investment.

It is not a design/peer review or a cost-cutting exercise, but rather a creative, organised endeavor that analyses a project’s needs with the goal of fulfilling the key functions at the lowest overall costs (capital, manpower, energy, maintenance, etc) over the life of the project.

Our team of highly experienced construction specialists can undertake Value Engineering Studies to help ensure that the Client’s vision can be delivered with the best overall cost output.

Construction Innovation

Innovation in the Construction Industry can often be hard to implement and there is often a lack of visibility on new and upcoming methods of construction or construction practices.

At The OM Group, we are passionate about ensuring that innovative ideas and processes, as well as technology and materials, are sought out and that this knowledge is shared with our clients.

From improving the sustainability of your project to optimising your supply chain process, our construction team and all of our partners are committed to ensuring that we remain current on new trends and new systems to help deliver innovative solutions for all of the projects on which we are appointed.

Project Monitoring

Construction projects require the contractor or project manager to produce a programme of works. This can be a non-contractual reference point for how work will be carried out or it can impose obligations to deliver the works in a certain way and by certain dates.

Project monitoring is the process of assessing the progress and the quality of the construction project against its programme and the Client specifications. This includes advising on costs, programme management, quality control and health and safety.

Our team provides detailed feedback to the client with proactive solutions to ensure that all of these areas are being managed well and to provide proactive solutions to address any areas of concern.

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