Risk Management

Construction is unquestionably a high-risk sector, however, risk management in the sector is about more than just health and safety. It is the process of evaluating and implementing procedures to reduce the impact of risks across all disciplines in construction.

There are risks that arise throughout the course of a construction project – from inception through to completion. It is important to identify the risks as soon as possible and address them quickly with the appropriate risk response. An example of this is the role of the Principal Designer, who works with the Design Team to ensure that as many risks as possible are mitigated throughout the design process.

At The OM Group, we are passionate about reducing risk across the entire project and our solutions are aimed at integrating risk management and a comprehensive reporting culture into day-to-day operations and the project management process.

We work with a team of experienced construction professionals, who use proven methods to identify and understand the key objectives of the project stakeholders and deliver a risk management solution that is bespoke to each project.

Once the objectives are established and the risks identified, a risk register is then developed with an appropriate Risk Management Plan to mitigate the identified areas of risk. The successful application of this plan involves implementing a range of actions to help stakeholders make informed decisions in order to deliver the project on time and within budget.

We work with experienced and qualified construction professionals covering all sectors of the construction industry – from commercial to residential, public sector to private developers and areas such as leisure and hospitality, education and healthcare. They all have one common goal in risk management – that by identifying the risks at an early stage, they can be mitigated and lead to a successfully executed project.

Feasibility Studies

Undertaking early feasibility studies for projects and reviewing existing site information, including previously compiled Health and Safety Files, can help to ensure that the client’s vision can be incorporated into the site.

Our expert construction specialists can undertake feasibility studies on behalf of the client or can assist in the review of initial designs and / or project requirements, including areas such as sustainability outcomes, quality aspirations and any special requirements that the project may have.

Project Monitoring

Construction projects require the contractor or project manager to produce a programme of works. This can be a non-contractual reference point for how work will be carried out or it can impose obligations to deliver the works in a certain way and by certain dates.

Project monitoring is the process of assessing the progress and the quality of the construction project against its programme and the Client specifications. This includes advising on costs, programme management, quality control and health and safety.

Our team provides detailed feedback to the client with proactive solutions to ensure that all of these areas are being managed well and to provide proactive solutions to address any areas of concern.

CDM Client Advisor

There are various responsibilities that the CDM Regulations place on project Clients and these obligations cannot be transferred to any other party. The OM Group provides bespoke solutions to assist Clients with their responsibilities or to discharge them on their behalf – these are usually in addition to the scope of the Principal Designer. We also provide a variety of monitoring audits and ensure that those defined as Clients remain compliant with health, safety and CDM legislation.

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