Design Services

Every successful construction development project starts with a good design and every decision that is made will have both short and long-term consequences. With new and innovative design principles and technologies continually emerging, having the right design team is essential to the successful construction and use of a structure.

As the life-cycle of a building extends from the early conceptual stages to the deconstruction or decommissioning of the structure, it is essential that the design process is well-planned and well-executed. Early development of design concepts and early involvement of the key stakeholders can help to ensure the planned overall value and impact of the structure is achieved.

At The OM Group, we work with construction design professionals – creative and technical – who understand that design requires a multi-faceted approach, involving experts from different disciplines and backgrounds.

We recognise that the performance of the structure will depend on its purpose and we believe that by listening to the things that make an asset valuable to our clients and to the users of the building will provide information and direction for the design process.

Our professional design teams also understand that each project is unique, with each client having a concept in mind, that will be fine-tuned throughout the course of the design process to meet efficiency, environmental and aesthetic requirements.

Using a holistic approach, our team can address challenges and identify innovative solutions for all aspects of the design, incorporating principles such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), energy efficiency solutions and design styles such as biophilic, traditional, contemporary, etc.

All of our construction design professionals utilise the latest software for structural modelling, analysis and design and an undertake specialist assessments such as vibration, noise, dynamic response and fire resistance calculations.

Flexible delivery is an integral part of our service – we can deliver a full seamless and sustainable design service; lead multi-disciplinary projects or develop conceptual spaces for entire communities. Our specialists can focus on a single building detail to perfect it or provide a fully integrated architecture and engineering solution for our clients.

Feasibility Studies

Undertaking early feasibility studies for projects and reviewing existing site information, including previously compiled Health and Safety Files, can help to ensure that the client’s vision can be incorporated into the site.

Our expert construction specialists can undertake feasibility studies on behalf of the client or can assist in the review of initial designs and / or project requirements, including areas such as sustainability outcomes, quality aspirations and any special requirements that the project may have.

Concept Design Review

Working with a construction professional with building control and fire safety experience at the concept and planning stage of a project enables clients to add value as early as possible to the development. With the government ever moving in the direction of the earlier involvement of construction and fire safety professionals, this is fast becoming a requirement for all ‘relevant buildings’. Our clients opt for this service as it allows them to be innovative in their approach when considering safety solutions for their development, as well as meeting the requirement to provide elements like the Fire Statement as part of the Planning Gateway.

Building Modelling

Working with professionals in the sector, our construction experts can undertake comprehensive analyses of each project at the concept stage or as part of a detailed design. This can include modelling processes such as the energy performance of a building; carrying out natural ventilation studies; undertaking overheating risk assessments and ensuring complete Building Regulations compliance.

Our experts use industry-leading analysis tools to provide relevant data so that the Client and construction teams can make informed decisions and to ensure that parameters can be optimised to achieve efficiency and productivity, as well as environmental KPIs.

This ensures that our clients can plan ahead and have confidence in the performance of their building upon completion.

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