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Construction Design Services assist clients with decision-making primarily in the pre-construction phase of a project. 

The life cycle of a building extends from the early conceptual stages to the deconstruction or decommissioning of the structure. It is essential that the design process is well-planned and well-executed.  Early development of design concepts and the early involvement of the key stakeholders can help to ensure that the ideal value and impact of the structure are achieved.

Our construction design professionals understand that to be able to provide effective Design Services, a multi-faceted approach is best.

Specialists from different disciplines and backgrounds will be involved, to provide fully integrated solutions for our clients.  Our professional design services team recognises that the performance of a building will depend heavily on its purpose.

Each project is unique with different client concepts in mind.  These concepts will be fine-tuned throughout the course of the design process to meet efficiency, environmental and aesthetic requirements.

Our team can address challenges and identify innovative solutions for all aspects of the design, such as energy-efficient solutions.  Incorporating principles such as Business Information Modelling (BIM), we utilise the latest software for structural modelling, analysis and design.

We undertake specialist assessments such as vibration, noise, dynamic response and fire resistance calculations.  Our solutions encompass fully integrated architectural and engineering solutions and we are able to work on design styles such as biophilic, traditional and contemporary.

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