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High-Rise Construction: Building Safety Act Compliance

Guiding Construction Excellence: Comprehending and implementing the Building Safety Act 2022 for Developers, Contractors and Professionals involved in the development of Higher-Risk buildings. 

The Building Safety Act 2022 heralds a new era in the landscape of high-rise building safety and introduces an array of stringent new measures, carving out a complex regulatory environment that underscores accountability and places the safety of occupants at the forefront. For developers, contractors, and professionals involved in the development and refurbishment of higher-risk buildings, this pivotal shift translates into a new set of responsibilities and a necessity for an in-depth understanding of the Act’s complexities for effective and compliant implementation.

In this evolved regulatory context, understanding the Act’s various components and their implications becomes vital. The Act introduces robust measures such as the concept of ‘higher-risk’ buildings, the creation of a new regulatory entity – the Building Safety Regulator, the requirements of various gateway points, and mandates around safety information management, among others.

These components establish a new paradigm of accountability and transparency in high-rise building safety.

Adapting to these changes requires expertise, a commitment to safety, and the willingness to embrace new approaches. The Building Safety Act 2022 is not merely a legislative change; it represents a substantial shift in the way high-rise safety is conceptualised and managed. The Act provides an opportunity for the construction industry to ensure the safety of occupants while working towards creating high-quality buildings that meet the highest safety standards. In the face of these significant changes, the ability to comprehend and implement the Act’s directives effectively will be a key determinant of success in the new era of high-rise building safety in the UK.

Our Services

As The OM Group, we offer unrivalled knowledge and guidance to help you comply with the Act at every stage of your project.  Our array of services tailored specifically to your project requirements include:

Higher-Risk Building Consultation: We guide you through understanding the criteria of ‘higher-risk’ buildings under the Act, helping to establish clear responsibilities regarding safety.

Gateway Project Management: Navigating through the Act’s ‘hard stops’ or gateway points at the design, construction, and completion stages can be daunting. We provide comprehensive project management services to streamline your journey through these gateway points, ensuring that safety and compliance are thoroughly considered at every phase of your building’s lifecycle.

Change Control and Construction Control Plan: We assist dutyholders in preparing a robust Change Control Plan, ensuring information on modifications are well communicated and disseminated within the project team and all relevant dutyholders. We also aid in developing a Construction Control Plan for submission at Gateway Two before construction commences.

Fire and Emergency File Preparation: Our team provides assistance in preparing the Fire and Emergency File, which is a critical requirement for submission at Gateway Two prior to the initiation of construction works.

Mandatory Occurrence Reporting System: We guide dutyholders in developing a mandatory occurrence reporting system, suitable and sufficient for the project, thereby promoting an enhanced culture of safety and responsibility.

Golden Thread Information Management: The Act mandates the creation and maintenance of a ‘Golden Thread’ of information—an audit trail of building safety risks. We assist in making arrangements for and collating this vital data in a digital format, ensuring its provision to the Principal Accountable Person and Accountable Person(s) before occupancy.

Building Safety Regulator Liaison: Our team can liaise with the Building Safety Regulator, if necessary, aiding the client in registering the premises upon completion and prior to occupancy.

Support for Principal Accountable Person and Accountable Person(s): We assist clients in outlining processes and implementation plans for the Principal Accountable Person and Accountable Person(s) to competently discharge their duties.

Building Registration Assistance: The Building Safety Act mandates the registration of the building prior to occupation. We provide dedicated support to the Principal Accountable Person, assisting in the smooth registration of the premises, ensuring a seamless transition from construction to occupancy.

Why Choose The OM Group?

Our team comprises experienced professionals proficient in the Building Safety Act, offering clarity and guidance amidst this evolving regulatory landscape.

We customise our services to meet the unique needs of developers, contractors, and refurbishment specialists, ensuring comprehensive and effective compliance.

Our commitment to providing continuous support aids in problem-solving and strategic planning in adherence to the Act’s requirements.

The intricate requirements of the Building Safety Act can be challenging to navigate alone. At The OM Group, we’re committed to guiding you through this process, ensuring your projects are compliant with these critical regulations. Contact us for support with your project.

Together, we can enhance the safety and quality of higher-risk construction projects.



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