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Health and Safety

Health and safety is at the heart of everything we do. We enable our clients to ensure it remains a key focus in their business and on their construction sites.

In the modern age, Health and Safety is rarely as simple as it seems.  It has evolved to include positive wellbeing, in addition to preventing illness and injury.  The construction industry is considered to be high risk and ensuring compliance can be time-consuming and complex, requiring additional technical expertise and resource.

At The OM Group, we’re committed to Health and Safety with a rigorous approach.  We strive to achieve the safest environments possible for our clients.  This helps to ensure that a common goal of zero incidents is achieved.  

Our expert practitioners work with our clients to add value and ensure that solutions are practical in their application.  They must also be specific to the requirements of each project and be aligned with specific business operations.

We provide a full range of proactive Health and Safety consultancy services to assist and advise clients.  As a result, clients are able to better understand compliance and their duties under all relevant Health and Safety legislation. Additionally, they learn how to ensure that employees, operatives, and contractors are safe and healthy at work.

For clients with projects or portfolios that require a bespoke service model, we have developed a strategy that addresses these specific requirements. This can include the provision of an appointed competent person and access to unlimited email and phone support, as required. 

For tailored advice and a free consultation, call our experts on 0344 288 9000.

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