Fire Safety

In construction, fire safety is about preventing fires on site as well as assuring the fire safety of the completed structure for its users and occupants.

Each year, there are hundreds of fires on construction sites, potentially putting the lives of construction workers and members of the public at risk. Ensuring that fire safety is paramount during the design stage of a project can help to mitigate that risk, preventing fires from starting and ensuring people’s safety.

The OM Group work with a team of skilled fire engineers and fire safety professionals and we are passionate about fire engineering and delivering excellence in achieving high standards of fire safety, both during construction and for the finished development.

Whether its providing strategic advice or fire safety design; information on methods of safer construction or inspection to validate the design implementation on site; fire risk assessments for construction sites as well as completed structures or post-fire recovery support, all of the professionals we work with ensure that their work is grounded in fire science and is both detailed and thorough.

It has been proven that considering fire safety at an early stage adds the most value to a project. By understanding the project requirements in-depth and undertaking an initial assessment, the fire engineers can identify any fire safety issues and how best to support clients in achieving their design aspirations.

The fire safety professionals we work with are committed to being dynamic in their approach; considering the cost-effectiveness and practicalities of fire solutions proposed and dealing with as many fire-related issues at the start of the Building Regulations process. This helps to prevent delays and mitigate cost increases during client projects, whether that’s through planning approval stages or when finalising designs for construction purposes.

Concept and Planning Fire Safety

Working with a fire engineer at the concept and planning stage of a project enables clients to add value as early as possible to the development in terms of fire safety. With the government ever moving in the direction of the earlier involvement of fire safety professionals, this is fast becoming a requirement for all ‘relevant buildings’. Our clients opt for this service as it allows them to be innovative in their approach when considering fire safety solutions for their development, as well as meeting the requirement to provide a Fire Statement as part of the Planning Gateway.

Building Regulations Approval

Approved Document B is the industry bible for all things fire safety and fire protection related, but guidance associated with it is often generic and can result in buildings being over-engineered, whilst limiting the design and creativity of architects. The OM Group work with fire safety professionals that ensure that they don’t just take a ‘one size fits all’ approach and that fire engineering strategies are bespoke to each project.

We ensure that architectural integrity can be maintained and benefits of innovation and cost-savings, where possible, are considered in all aspects of the process, whilst ensuring that fire safety standards are compliant to the highest levels possible.

CFD Modelling

CFD modelling uses advanced technology to provide data that enables informed decisions to be made for a development, including calculating the external fire spread; extended travel distances; means of escape; the suitability of those escape routes and also in determining if the proposed design meets the requirements of Building Regulations.

This can be invaluable in larger or more complex developments and can be used to validate and substantiate more innovative designs and for ensuring that fire designs are safe – in many cases showing that the CFD modelled designs are safer than a code compliant design.

Fire Risk Assessments

Assessing the fire risk is important both during the construction phase for the site, as well as post-construction for the completed structure, with further assessments conducted periodically to ensure that they remain valid. Our fire safety professionals are committed to ensuring that risk assessments are thorough and provide practical, compliant solutions for managing the risk associated with fire.

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