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Fire Safety

Fire Safety in Construction is about preventing fires on site and assuring the safety of the completed structure for its users and occupants.

Each year, hundreds of fires occur on construction sites. These fires sadly have the potential to claim the lives of construction workers and even members of the public. 

Prioritising Fire Safety during the design stage of a project can help to prevent fires from starting and ensure safety.

The OM Group work with a team of skilled fire engineers. The work of our professionals is grounded in fire science and is highly detailed and thorough. We seek to achieve high standards of Fire Safety, during the construction phase and with the finished development.

Our experts provide;

      • strategic advice and fire safety design
      • information on methods of safer construction or inspection
      • fire risk assessments for construction sites
      • completed structure and post-fire recovery support
It is imperative that fire engineers understand project requirements in-depth and undertake an initial assessment. Fire engineers can identify any fire safety issues and determine the best ways to support clients in achieving their design aspirations. It has been proven that considering Fire Safety at an early stage adds the most value to a project.

Our experts are committed to their dynamic approach.  They are able to consider the cost-effectiveness and practicalities of fire solutions.  They deal with many fire-related issues at the start of the Building Regulations process. 

This helps to prevent delays and mitigate cost increases during projects.  These issues could be dealt with throughout the planning approval stages or when finalising designs for construction purposes.

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