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Cost Management

The purpose of cost management is to ensure that a project stays on track in terms of the actual spending against the project budget.

Cost management involves the planning and regulation of a project budget.  At its most basic level, cost management should ensure that a project stays on track with its spending, in accordance with the budget.

Cost management has an impact on all phases of a project, including planning and design, estimating, materials and contractors, change orders and the completed structure.  

It is imperative to put the right processes in place to help deliver a construction project on time and on budget.

Effective cost management also helps the various stakeholders be proactive, efficient, and precise when estimating and executing a proposed budget. A significant difference can be made by finding solutions to execute cost management efficiently.

As part of our Cost Management service, we provide:

      • Project budget planning
      • Value engineering
      • Supply chain management
      • Valuations and final accounting
      • Manageable cost, time, quality and risk matrixes
At The OM Group, we understand that monitoring risk whilst staying on budget can be one of the biggest hurdles in any construction project. 

Our professionals serve numerous sectors and work for principal contractors, contractors, construction clients and property developers.

We maintain a deep understanding of the marketplace, current trends and commercial risks.   Our focus is also on the economic and political environment so that we can help our clients make informed decisions.

Offering credibility and capability to ensure that all aspects are covered, the innovative and comprehensive range of services that our cost management/quantity surveying teams offer enables us to meet the evolving needs of our clients. 

We are committed to maintaining our ability to deliver real savings and value at all stages of the project lifecycle.

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