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Party Wall Services

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 was introduced to prevent and resolve disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings. 

Where certain conditions are met, Party Wall Notices lead to the statutory appointment of Party Wall Surveyors who agree works that can affect properties neighbouring a proposed development.

The individual or company responsible for instructing the intended development works is known as the Building Owner. It is the Building Owner’s legal obligation to issue Party Wall Notices to all affected Adjoining Owners.

This helps to ensure that their interests are protected. In addition, this should take place prior to the commencement of work on-site, and with enough time before project commencement. This will allow for the formation of Party Wall Awards.

At The OM Group, we work with experienced and dedicated Surveyors.  These Surveyors ensure that all information is considered so that Building Owners and the proposed developments are fully protected within the context of the Act. Subsequently, this enables construction works to commence smoothly on-site and without delay.

In addition to this, other services that can be provided include the negotiation and agreement of access arrangements.  We can also provide licences for construction activities such as the erection of scaffolding or the over-sailing of cranes

Adjoining Owners who receive Notices, also have the right to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor to protect their interests.  Our surveyors have a depth of knowledge that can assist in anticipating the impact of the Building Owner’s proposed works.

This enables the Adjoining Owners to protect their interests, ensuring that they have the required information to make informed decisions. Our partners provide expert advice and recommendations when administering the Act. They may be appointed;

      • As the Building Owner’s Party Wall Surveyor
      • To act on behalf of the Adjoining Owners
      • To act as the Agreed Surveyor
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