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Terms & Conditions

Payments and Cancellations

  1. All course payments are payable in full (at the time of the confirmed booking) unless on an approved payment plan. Payment can be made via credit card, cheque or bank transfer. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT which must be paid in addition to the quoted fee, at invoice date, chargeable at the standard rate.
  2. The OM Group reserves the right to refuse admission to the course until full payment is received.
  3. Late payment may attract interest at 8% above the statutory rate.
  4. If a confirmed NVQ booking is cancelled by the client / delegate either at the start or during the course, all fees will apply and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  5. Cancellations/postponements of assessor visits instructed by the client will incur a fee of £60 per visit, unless the assessor has received notification at least 24 hours in advance of the planned visit. Cancellations/postponements of assessor visits must be received in writing (fax, email or hardcopy letter) to bookings@theomgroup.co.uk
  6. In the event of cancellations/postponements of assessor visits instructed by The OM Group, which are out of our control, such as adverse weather conditions, Industrial action, acts of God or otherwise, The OM Group reserves the right to not reimburse any expenses incurred by the client.
  7. The OM Group reserves the right to cancel/postpone courses, offering a full refund or alternative course dates, in unforeseen circumstances. All bookings are accepted subject to availability.

All Courses

    More than 28 days100%
    14 - 28 days50%
    Less thatn 14 days0%
  2. In addition, The OM Group reserves the right to charge a £30 administration fee for each cancellation/transfer. Telephone cancellations can be acceptable but must be confirmed immediately in writing (by email or post). All reasonable adjustments to provision will be made to ensure that delegates with a learning difficulty, disability, and/or a medical condition, please ensure that we know what you need so that we can make all reasonable adjustments to help you succeed. Delegates must be able to understand and converse in the English language.

Payment Plan – NVQ

  1. If a payment plan is approved by The OM Group, the following payment schedule will apply to the client:
    Payment One1/3 of total NVQ price (will be taken at the time of confirmed booking)
    Payment Two1/3 of total NVQ price (will be taken one month from the date of confirmed booking)
    Payment 31/3 of total NVQ price (will be taken two months from the date of confirmed booking)
  2. The OM Group reserves the right to issue any course certification until full payment is received.

Course Information

  1. All courses are provided to syllabus as advertised. This syllabus is subject to change without notice and without liability to The OM Group.
  2. Clients/Delegates agree to complete the necessary training administration, and to provide auditable proof of status and attendance where required.
  3. Delegates agree to complete the necessary training work set by the assessor between visits.
  4. The OM Group reserves the right to withdraw delegates from the course that do not complete activities set by the assessor within the agreed timescales.
  5. Course Extensions must be requested in writing and be used within three months of the original course and may be subject to preliminary assessments.
  6. Certificates will be awarded to successful delegates as per the name submitted on the registration enrolment form.
  7. If any delegate is unsuccessful, a re-assessment/re-training fee is payable. Details are available upon request.
  8. Where certificates are forwarded to a nominated individual for dispatch to the successful employee(s), The OM Group cannot be held responsible for that individual failing to do so.
  9. Lost certificates will be replaced at cost, plus a £25 administration charge.


Medical Conditions

  1. The Employer must agree to provide The OM Group with details of any delegate who may have a disability or other learning need, prior to the training. This is to ensure that the training is suitable and appropriate. Lack of this information may lead to the delegate being withdrawn from the course on the grounds of Health and Safety and without reimbursement. This information will be held in the strictest of confidence.
  2. Where a delegate suffers from a medical condition that could be affected by participating in any way on the course, the onus is on that delegate to consult his or her GP, prior to booking their course, to confirm that participating in the course poses no detrimental risk to their health or any other delegate or employee of The OM Group.
  3. Should a delegate fail to undertake this obligation, and subsequently becomes ill or their medical condition becomes worse as a result of their participation, The OM Group cannot be held responsible for any deterioration in that delegate’s health or medical condition. The OM Group reserves the right to withdraw the delegate for all or any part of the course if we feel that participating will have a detrimental effect on the delegate’s health. The delegate will not be entitled to any reimbursement of fees paid.


  1. Delegates will need to complete a Skills Scan which will be assessed by The OM Group.
  2. If a Skills Scan is approved, the delegate will be offered a place onto the course.
  3. Delegates will need to have functional skills in English and need to have a good comprehension of English.
  4. If The OM Group deems that the delegate is not competent and is putting themselves, the assessor or any other delegates at risk, they may be asked to leave the course, and no reimbursement will be given.
  5. Delegates will be expected to complete the NVQ course within a set timescale and this will be dependent on their competency level. Failure to complete the course within the set timescales may result in additional charges.


  1. In the unlikely circumstance that a delegate or employer has a complaint about a course and/or its contents, they must bring it to the attention of the assessor who will be able to in most cases, rectify the situation immediately or forward it to a member of the The OM Group management team.
  2. All complaints must be made in writing (fax, email or hardcopy letter) to bookings@theomgroup.co.uk
  3. All complaints must be received within five working days of the issue in question arising.


  1. Where examinations (whether by an internal or external examining authority) form part of, or are taken following a course, no refund of fees can be given in the event of a candidate failing to reach the standard required. Examiners decisions are final.