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Principal Designer

The Principal Designer is a specified duty-holder under the CDM Regulations 2015 and is responsible for planning, managing and co-ordinating safety during the pre-construction stage of each project.

The role of the Principal Designer prioritises safety on each project by ensuring that the project team designs for safety, rather than ‘bolting on’ compliance solutions to fulfil standards afterwards.

Accidents and illness are caused by a variety of interconnected factors, which can be particularly challenging in design and construction. We take a holistic approach to the role of the Principal Designer and provide services bespoke to the requirements of each client.

Our Principal Designers ensure that all statutory duties placed on our clients are recognised and explained in relation to each unique project circumstance; that all duty-holders under the Regulations are aware of their duties and that the relevant processes are in place to ensure that these responsibilities are met.

Throughout our appointment as Principal Designer, we communicate our progress and raise awareness of potential health and safety issues during the course of the pre-construction and construction stages.

As Principal Designers, we attend design team meetings, help to provide the initial safety information and collate the pre-construction information for a project.  Upon project completion, we compile the health and safety file for handover.

Our team works with the project’s construction team to resolve health and safety issues and liaise with the Principal Contractor.

In terms of communication, we aid the co-ordination of all parties, ensuring communication is sufficient and effective.

During our appointment, we ensure that we are communicating our progress and raising awareness of potential health and safety issues throughout the duration of the pre-construction and construction stages.

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