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Building Surveying

Building Surveys provide information on buildings to assess and report on defects with the existing structure or assist in the refurbishment, alteration or development of a new structure.

Planned maintenance design services for landlords and tenants; surveys for acquisition purposes; building defects analysis surveys; topographical land surveys and where relevant, Building Information Modelling (BIM), might all be included in Building Surveys.

Surveyors collect and analyse data when completing Buildings Surveys, to assist clients in making informed decisions. Subsequently, they can help with a range of things such as building acquisition and compliance with relevant legislation. Having accurate data is essential for making the greatest use of your assets.

Above all, having the right surveys carried out for your property or construction project can help ensure that you are compliant in areas such as fire safety and access requirements. For instance, costly mistakes can be avoided by having the correct technical due diligence carried out before any development or refurbishment works are undertaken.

Commercial buildings must evolve throughout their lifespan to meet the changing needs of the sector. Our surveyors are aware that these assets must be proactively managed in order to maintain them and ensure that they can be used effectively, and their value enhanced as much as possible.

All of our Building Surveys are carried out by highly qualified and experienced construction professionals. In addition, we survey a variety of different types of land and properties, whatever their size, extent or location.

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