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Employer’s Agent

The Employer’s Agent works as the Contract Administrator for Design and Build Contracts on behalf of the client, often taking on the roles of Lead Consultant, Project Manager and Cost Consultant.

The Employer’s Agent is in charge of ensuring that work is quality controlled and cost managed, to a client’s specifications.

They represent the Client and are able to adopt an objective approach, due to their position. This is vital for forming a collaborative team capable of overcoming challenges that may arise throughout the course of the project.

A competent Employer’s Agent must be skilled and knowledgeable in project delivery, with a thorough understanding of design and build contracts. They provide guidance and management throughout the design, tender and construction phases.  They also ensure that the scope, cost, quality and time elements of the project are maintained.

At The OM Group, we work with highly qualified construction professionals who have years of experience providing this service. Our services are tailored to each client and project, from developers to architects and end users.

We believe that being innovative plays a crucial role in developing safe buildings, on time and within budget. Our Employer’s Agents cover all sectors of the construction industry including; commercial, residential, public sector, private developers, leisure, hospitality, education and healthcare.

For further information and to arrange a free consultation, call our team on 0344 288 9000.

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