Employers Agent

An Employers Agent works as the Contract Administrator for Design and Build Contracts on behalf of the client, taking on the roles of Lead Consultant, Project Manager and Cost Consultant. The Employers Agent is also in charge of ensuring that the work is completed to the client’s specifications, for quality control and cost management.

The Employers Agent represents the Client and, due to their position, is able to adopt an objective approach, ensuring that the project’s best interests are preserved at all times. This is especially vital for preserving connections and forming a collaborative team capable of overcoming any challenges that may develop throughout the course of the project.

A competent Employers Agent must be skilled and knowledgeable in project delivery, as well as have a thorough understanding of design and build contracts. They provide guidance and management throughout the design, tender and construction phases, whilst ensuring that the scope, cost, quality and time elements of the project are maintained.

At The OM Group, we work with a team of highly qualified and experienced construction professionals, all of whom have been providing Employers Agent services for several years. We are committed to ensuring that services are bespoke to each project and client – from developers to architects and end users, and that innovation plays a crucial role in developing safe buildings, on time and within budget.

We work with Employers Agents covering all sectors of the construction industry – from commercial to residential, public sector to private developers and areas such as leisure and hospitality, education and healthcare. They all have one common goal – that by overseeing cost, quality and time management aspects of the project they can help to deliver on the successful outcome of the specified project.

CDM Client Advisor

There are various responsibilities that the CDM Regulations place on project Clients and these obligations cannot be transferred to any other party. The OM Group provides bespoke solutions to assist Clients with their responsibilities or to discharge them on their behalf – these are usually in addition to the scope of the Principal Designer. We also provide a variety of monitoring audits and ensure that those defined as Clients remain compliant with health, safety and CDM legislation.

Feasibility Studies

Undertaking early feasibility studies for projects and reviewing existing site information, including previously compiled Health and Safety Files, can help to ensure that the client’s vision can be incorporated into the site.

Our expert construction specialists can undertake feasibility studies on behalf of the client or can assist in the review of initial designs and / or project requirements, including areas such as sustainability outcomes, quality aspirations and any special requirements that the project may have.

Concept Design Review

Working with a construction professional with building control and fire safety experience at the concept and planning stage of a project enables clients to add value as early as possible to the development. With the government ever moving in the direction of the earlier involvement of construction and fire safety professionals, this is fast becoming a requirement for all ‘relevant buildings’. Our clients opt for this service as it allows them to be innovative in their approach when considering safety solutions for their development, as well as meeting the requirement to provide elements like the Fire Statement as part of the Planning Gateway.

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