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Plant Training

Working on a construction site, inherently is fraught with dangers and hazards.  Having sufficient Plant Training gives you the confidence required to safely handle machinery on-site.

Plant machinery is used on many construction projects and is integral to industry performance. However, it poses a high level of risk to both operators and workers on site. With the heightened level of risk, having the requisite knowledge and skill to operate machinery safely on-site is critical.

By undertaking the relevant training courses, you will come to understand the potential risks that come with operating plant.  It also provides a chance to develop your skill set and better understand the various types of machinery that may be required on site. Plant training courses generally have a low number of delegates attending, allowing more time for questions and answers.

Our range of plant training includes Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) courses, as well as National Plant Operator Scheme (NPORS) courses. These accreditors specialise in training courses for those working with heavy machinery on-site.  Through successful completion, the courses will aid your ability to perform your job role in a safe and efficient manner.

To learn more about our range of plant training, contact us on 0344 288 9000 or email us at learning@theomgroup.co.uk

You can also view the complete list of the courses we offer, by downloading our training brochure on the side of this page.

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