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In the construction industry, on–going training and upskilling is imperative. eLearning is a great option for flexible training.

The construction industry undergoes constant change to legislation and landscape. It is very important, to ensure that workers are sufficiently skilled and are able to deal with complex situations.

Online learning comes with numerous benefits such as flexibility in learning methods, freedom of location and flexibility in timing.

Training can be completed from home, work, and just about anywhere with internet access. Support can be given based on individual needs, just as classroom learning could.

As eLearning can be delivered remotely, it removes the need for employees to travel off-site for training, saving money that would have otherwise been spent on travel and accommodation.

Additionally, eLearning accommodates for your employee’s learning needs. eLearning allows employees to learn at their own pace and discuss different methods.

The OM Group provides accredited eLearning courses across a variety of disciplines within the construction industry which cover a wide range of topics, from general health and safety courses to more hands-on practical training, like manual handling.

To learn more about our range of eLearning courses, contact us on 0344 288 9000 or email learning@theomgroup.co.uk.

You can also view the complete list of the courses we offer, by downloading our training brochure on the side of this page.

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