Why choose The OM Group?

Our training team embody our core company values in everything they do, ensuring they demonstrate trustworthiness, professionalism and dedication in assuring they have the requisite skills and knowledge to empower you throughout your training journey.

With years of industry experience, our trainers understand there is no one-size fits approach when it comes to training. Learners have different styles, perspectives, knowledge and abilities. To ensure the training we provide is both effective and making a positive difference to the industry, we work with you to provide a personalised, tailored learner experience that works for you.

Our C-ILM training programme, delivered by our exceptional team of trainers, has consistently received outstanding reviews. This excellence is reflected in our impressive average rating: a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, as per module feedback.


The ILM training course was delivered with excellent structure and tutor knowledge and professionalism in the delivery that got everyone who attended interacting to confirm knowledge and understanding. When we answered a question we were challenged on why we had given that answer and we had to explain why we had come to that conclusion.


I gained knowledge in different theories on how to implement safety, quality and people management that is helping me look at different situations in a structured way and learning to treat each issue differently and look at individual people’s issues.


As a business we are now cascading this knowledge to our teams and involving them in decision making and encouraging everyone to be involved as much as possible to make a better working environment so everyone feels part of a team and not isolated.



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Consistent Outcomes

Enhance your ability to not only meet but exceed project requirements, paving the way for consistently exceptional outcomes

Professional Growth

Create a nurturing environment that encourages loyalty and professional growth, leading to enhanced employee retention and a workforce deeply committed to shared goals

Positive Impact

88% of employers say their business was immediately, positively impacted by ILM training programmes (Study from Harris Interactive)


Increased Efficiency

Increase efficiency to new levels, encompassing safety and management, transforming every challenge into an opportunity for growth


Leadership Improvement

Enhances advanced reflective skills, crucial for ongoing leadership improvement and professional growth. In turn, it sharpens ability to both adapt to evolving workplace challenges, and effectively manage team dynamics.

Harmonise Diverse Dynamics

Adoption of behaviours and practices in learning how to effectively interact and manage with different personalities and attitudes that exist across the construction sector, helping to facilitate project success, from conception to completion.

Site Management Innovation

Gaining new perspectives and ideas to incorporate into day-to-day site management, improving processes and outcomes.

Gain Qualification

Gain a national qualification to support you in obtaining your Academically Qualified Person (AQP) card through the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).

Learner and Employer statistics at a glance


of learners stated they would recommend ILM to a fellow colleague who is considering undertaking a Leadership and Management Qualification


of learners stated that they have been able to apply leadership and management skills acquired through completion of an ILM Qualification into their day-to-day job role.


of learners stated that completion of an ILM Qualification has helped them become a better leader/manager


of employers stated they would recommend to another employer, who was considering using ILM as a provider of leadership and management courses


of employers said that their organisation had stronger leaders/managers as a result of working with ILM


of employers stated their organisation was positively impacted by what the employees undertaking the ILM course had learnt upon completion of their ILM qualification




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