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The trainer was very understanding of my needs. Explained everything well and made me feel at ease. Overall, a great experience.

- Jan

Ian Williams

Extremely helpful and informative, has given me a different look in how I run my contracts. The trainer was very open and engaging.

- Steven

Ian Williams

Course was exceptionally good, feel it is definitely of great benefit to foreman and supervisors. The trainer was incredibly open and let the course flow with good interaction.

- Shane

Ian Williams

Very well-run course. Was a real enjoyment of completing this course. Very valuable and has allowed for experience to be shared across the group with plenty of healthy debates.

- Dominic

Ian Williams

Well presented, discussing complex situations that may occur on site and breaking them down into how to address them and act appropriately. Will be relevant on site and after today’s training has prepared me better.

- Mohit

Ian Williams

Assessor was excellent – made the whole group speak up and encouraged to get our own experiences across and let us have our views heard.

- Richard


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of learners stated they would recommend ILM to a fellow colleague who is considering undertaking a Leadership and Management Qualification


of learners stated that they have been able to apply leadership and management skills acquired through completion of an ILM Qualification into their day-to-day job role.


of learners stated that completion of an ILM Qualification has helped them become a better leader/manager


of employers stated they would recommend to another employer, who was considering using ILM as a provider of leadership and management courses


of employers said that their organisation had stronger leaders/managers as a result of working with ILM


of employers stated their organisation was positively impacted by what the employees undertaking the ILM course had learnt upon completion of their ILM qualification




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