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Fire Safety on Construction Sites

What is the guide for?

The ‘Fire Safety on Construction Sites’ guide is a guide for contractors to use to help you identify the common reasons for fires on construction sites and therefore why fire safety is so important.

This guide highlights what you need to do to comply with regulations, explains what a responsible person is and explains the importance of a fire risk assessment, including what you need to include within the fire risk assessment.

The guide also gives examples of what control measures contractors can put in place to keep construction sites safe from fire risk.

Finally, the guide explains what training is available to both site operatives and management to ensure that everyone knows what part they need to play to keep sites safe.

What we can do for you

Here at The OM Group, we have a group of highly experienced Health, Safety & CDM Consultants. Almost 100% of our new and returning clients are within the construction industry, in which we act as either Principal Designer, Client Safety Advisor, Contractor Safety Advisor or acting as the company’s competent Health & Safety Advisor. Our consultants have vast knowledge of construction site issues and regularly carry out site inspections and audits to ensure the sites are compliant with Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, along with reviewing and completing the wide range of documents that are required for health and safety compliance.

We are also an approved training provider and training centre, where we offer a range of approved training courses.

There are many things we can do to help you in keeping you, your site and operatives safe.

In terms of fire safety on site, we can come out to site and complete a Site Inspection in which you’ll get a detailed report along with recommendations. We do this so that we can check you have everything in place that you should, and you can have that peace of mind that operatives are doing what they should be.

We can come out to you and complete the Fire Risk Assessment for the site. We will be able to assess whether you have all the controls in place that you need to, such as evacuation and emergency plans, signage, and fire extinguishers. If there is anything that is needed for the site, we will also be able to source these for you.

You need to make sure there are responsible persons on site for fire safety. We can provide you with training for Fire Wardens and Marshals.

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